That little voice we all have is right….

So as I am writing this I am sat in the Royal Festival Hall looking out onto the Thames with the hustle and bustle of London walking past the river, this moment right here makes me happy.

I have my headphones in, laptop open and listening to some banging tunes (even if I do say so myself). Why does this moment right here make me happy? Because I am living my purpose.

Tonight I will be co-hosting an evening all about Living Your Purpose with 3 other amazing speakers. A few years ago I would never have imagine people would be interested in what I had to say, let alone booking tickets to see me talk.

For nearly two years I have been working at my dreams of coaching and speaking. I have always grown up around positive mindset and have always been the person to say “why not”.

As an entrepreneur I always thought I had to start some sort of tech business, mainly because I am very techy and it all comes easy to me. My first proper business was a website and design company that I then expanded into a hosting provider as well – all before the age of 18. I have always had projects on the go, some have worked – some have not! But throughout all these projects there was something missing that didn’t enable them to truly get where I wanted them to go and that was because my heart wasn’t fully committed to it.

I was passionate about the projects but not fully connected to them, this all came to light when I discovered coaching. Coaching is the one thing that has fully felt right for me, that one thing that lifted a massive weight on my shoulders and could shout from the rooftop of it – know the feeling?

So I have discovered my purpose and what I should be doing, now what?

Now this is where the FUN begins! When you discover your true passion you will develop into an obsession and that obsession will never feel like work to you. You will be working harder than you ever have before but no longer will you have that “pulling me down” feeling instead you will be thinking “this is raising me up”

During our roller coaster of life we will always be learning and always be moving forward, unless you are not allowing yourself to fully develop into who you should be.

Now I am asking you, are you in line with your purpose in life? Are you happy and content or do you have that little voice at the back of your head saying “there is more to life than this”.

Guess what – that little voice we all have is right. There is always more to life, more to discover, more to learn and more to give! The real question is, are you allowing yourself to have more?

Book Review #2 – Zero to One

So I actually made it to write a second book review! Go me! This one is about Zero to One by Peter Theil (he founded a little company called PayPal!)

So after finishing my last book “The Magicians Way” (you can read the review here) I dived straight into the next book on my bedside table: Zero to One

This book is slightly different from the last, it is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to find out the highs and lows of start ups but in a compact manner. At only 193 pages long it is just short enough to stay fresh in your mind and but not too short that you forget what you have read by the end of the day!

Zero to OneNow I throughly enjoyed this book, however I found Peter’s writing style to be a little brash and one sided, I got the impression of “this is my view and it is the right way to do it and you are wrong if you say otherwise” sort of impression – admittedly not throughout the whole book but the feeling cropped up a few times!

So let’s get in the nitty gritty parts! If you want to know what it is like to be the founder of Paypal and dealing with friends like Elon Musk (also a co-founder of paypal) then this is the book for you!

It has some great tips and advice on how to mentally deal with starting a business, it teaches you to follow certain traits to stand more of chance to make it from…zero to one…not one to zero!

It provides great insights into aspects of companies like Google and Uber which you may not be able to find on….google.

It show’s you that you we all have the tools to create something that can take us from normal to abnormal! (in a good way!). It briefly talks about mindset and how the founders of companies such as Facebook and Tesla have the ability to not follow the path that has been well traveled but to create their own path…after all creating your own path and if you have a passion for said path then you already have the tools to become truly successful.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book but was not blown away by it, It is an odd mix of autobiography and educational book, perhaps sometimes crossing the line and not being clear with what it is trying to be.

It is worth the read and it doesn’t take long, one of those books that you read then give it to a friend to share the knowledge!

You can buy Zero to One by Peter Thiel here: