Commuters – WHY do you put yourselves in sardine cans every morning?

I have been on the commuter tube many times and it is always the same thing – (taking the northern line as an example here) every stop through Balham and Clapham more and more people are squeezing on to get a dose of their morning face pitting time! The smallest of gaps becomes the biggest when that one person thinks they can fit into it – much to the dismay of others around them. This blog is all about how to find your why!

The worst is when someone gets on at Clapham North and off at Stockwell – you can walk that distance in under 15 minutes! Why not get some morning exercise as well! As I am writing this blog post on the way to a coaching day, a large backpack has just been flung at me as someone turned around to view more people climb on.

I think this blog post is 50% rant and 50% questioning why we put ourselves through it.

– Tube update, just got to Kennington and it’s starting to thin out! Yay!! –

So if you’re a commuter reading this then I wish to ask you a question! Why? Why do YOU climb on the tube everyday and go to where you work? I am not asking the “Why” to figure out why you do the job you do or why you live where you do! I want you to answer the why are you doing these things? What is your end goal? Find your why!

Everybody needs to find their “why” in life otherwise everything you’re doing is just because you feel it is the right thing to do because your friends, family and school has told you that’s what you would be good at.

Don't become a sardineFinding your “Why” can free you up to do things you never thought you would or maybe even COULD do! Just take a step back for a moment, a step out of yourself, and take a look around at the people you know and work with and I want you to think about how many people actually know why they are doing what there doing? My bet is very few people will give you a deep truthful answer – most will be something along the lines of “oh because I get paid X amount and my expenses are X amount”.

Now focus back on you, you’ve seen the answers from your friends and family and now I want you to think of your answer. I want you to be honest to yourself, why are you doing the job you’re doing? Perhaps you have a passion for events or cake making and yet you’re working in a Bank or retail store.

Now what I’m saying is not quit your job tomorrow and start a job in your field of passion. But what you can start to do today is start to put the steps in place so in 3,6,12 months time you’re ready to take the leap and start making a living off your passion.

If you want to get into events then why not look to see if there is any weekend work or volunteer for a company! It may not be the position you want to be doing but at least you would be learning more about that industry!

One of the largest points focuses within Coaching is helping client “find your why” – having a goal and know why it is your goal, what that goal means to you and how you can and will achieve the goal can be life changing for some clients. This is one of the reasons I got into coaching, helping people find their why and be happier, more successful and moving forward in their life!

I shall leave you with this last snippet of information (and if you’re still reading then kudos and thank you!). Never let your life be mapped out or controlled by other people! We all have a map of this crazy thing called life and guess what? Every single one of us have different maps!

The most important thing you should be doing is enjoying what you do!

If you’re going to get onto the sardine train everyday then at least know WHY you’re doing it! So find your why and keep me updated with how you are doing!

Healthy body = Healthy Mind – true or false?


My very bright running shoes!

Before I start this blog post, I am not a fitness guru neither do I claim to be so! I am a big yo-yo when it comes to eating and exercise! Always have been and may always be – however I am always trying to be healthier and fitter and it is slowly going in the right direction (yay!).
I firmly believe in the fact that a healthy body = healthy mind! Now you do not have to have the perfect beach body image that is always forced upon us. You can be healthy in so many other ways than striving for a 6 pack!

The healthy body = healthy mind connection is key to a happier life! Our body and mind are incredible – you have the power to change negative thoughts into positive and motivating ones. You are responsible for achieving these feelings of positivity and that in turn will boost your chances to achieving what you want in life! The bonus is you get a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle as a result of it!
A balanced diet and exercise is the key to feeling great! Stop doing these diets that you stick to for 6 weeks but then binge for a month afterwards – we have all been there!
If you’re just starting out on your journey of balanced diet and exercise then my BIGGEST advice is to set yourself small but consent goals! If you set yourself a goal of looking like Debbie from down the road and in 6 months time you don’t then you will snap back to old ways. Small steps lead to big leaps! Once you have the balanced diet sorted then don’t feel too guilty to have a treat day every now and then! These treats will help you stay focused and stay balanced over the long term!

Healthy body = healthy mindSTRESS! It is a killer! Both figuratively and literally. Stress takes such a toll on our mind and bodies! Everyone handles it differently, some just brush stress off at the end of each day and BOOM they have reset themselves back into the positive mindset. For others it is harder, much harder, stress can lead to feeling low and sluggish and see you reaching more and more for the pizza and burgers!

There is a simple formula for relieving stress! Anyone can do it, no matter their age, weight, height, job…etc. The secret is exercise! Who would of thought that doing something that makes you sweat, burn and feel like you are about to drop dead can make you feel like a million dollars once you are finished! When you exercise your body releases chemicals known as endorphin’s. These chemicals basically interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain, but they also trigger a positive feeling! These endorphin’s are what help reduce your stress levels, they can literally clear your head of the days worries!

If you keep your health a top priority then your mind will be more relaxed and less stressed! Remember your greatest asset is your health! There is no point working all the hours of the day if you’re going to have a major burn out in a years time!

I made a youtube video about this very topic last year – Give it a watch! You must have 4 minutes to spare!

And remember…..

Your health is your wealth! 

Why I now keep a journal and so should you!


That’s mine!

I have always been one to make lists, scribble down things and overuse the Notes app on my iPhone. However until recently I had never kept a proper journal! For the past 6 weeks or so I have been keep a record of what has happened that day, how I am feeling and some other annotations that have cropped up in my mind that day.

Why did I start? The simple reason was that two people in the space of 24 hours suggested I should do so! Mainly I think because I mentioned to them I wanted to write a book at some point – it is an obviously way to help you look back remember and reflect.


Does writing a journal help me? Absolutely yes! Like I said I have always been one of those people to write things down to help clear my head, often If I am having trouble sleeping it is because I am thinking about too many things and i would have to write some ideas down.
Now I don’t write in my journal every single day, perhaps 4 times a week is the average at the moment. I don’t see the need to write down every single detail. But what I have found is that writing these key points in my day, what I am thinking and feeling is certainly helping my frame of mind! Just like going for a run clears my head so does using the journal. This little red leather bound book is becoming a vital part of my life!

Why should you write a journal? Before I started writing a journal I would never of suggested to anyone to do so, I always thought it was just a bit of a silly thing that teenagers do after their school discos. But now I would suggest writing a journal to anybody and everyone! If you’re thinking “I wouldn’t be able to write anything” then i challenge you to a start tonight and keep it up for a week! Really think about the things you have done that day, how they made you feel, what your plans are for either the weeks ahead or projects you’re working on.

Writing a journal is a key way to help clear your mind in both business and personal life! It will allow you to reflect and see things in a different way!

Interview with Entrepreneur Stories

Hey Folks!

It is the Thursday before Easter weekend and I have the delight to share this interview I did with Entrepreneur Stories with you! It is only 30 minutes long so please do give it a listen and share!

I had been in talks with Entrepreneur Stories founder Jamil Jama for a few months, I was struggling to find the time to squeeze in the interview! We soon committed to an evening and off we went!

Jamil is a great guy and his plans for E.S are extremely exciting – so make sure you follow their journey!

Here is the link for the interview and I hope you enjoy – you can also download it from iTunes and Stitcher!

entrepreneur stories

and make sure you follow Entrepreneur Stories here:

Until next time!


Starting off 2016 with the website relaunch!

Welcome everyone!

I am kicking off 2016 with launching the new website! It has taken longer than expected with the design and creation, but I am extremely pleased with the outcome! Compared to the old website it is so much more welcoming! The bonus of the new site is this blogging section, which will appear on the home page!

2016 should be a great year, with lots planned! I am looking forward to connecting with as many of you as possible!

The beginning of this year has felt different from previous years, I have more excitement than I usually do. Perhaps this is down to the relaunch of this fantastic website (Excuse the plug!) or perhaps it is down to how focused I am with the projects I have planned!

As this is the first blog post of 2016 I shall keep it short and sweet! But don’t be a stranger! Connect with me on all the social media sites and I will always chat to you!