Starting off 2016 with the website relaunch!

Welcome everyone!

I am kicking off 2016 with launching the new website! It has taken longer than expected with the design and creation, but I am extremely pleased with the outcome! Compared to the old website it is so much more welcoming! The bonus of the new site is this blogging section, which will appear on the home page!

2016 should be a great year, with lots planned! I am looking forward to connecting with as many of you as possible!

The beginning of this year has felt different from previous years, I have more excitement than I usually do. Perhaps this is down to the relaunch of this fantastic website (Excuse the plug!) or perhaps it is down to how focused I am with the projects I have planned!

As this is the first blog post of 2016 I shall keep it short and sweet! But don’t be a stranger! Connect with me on all the social media sites and I will always chat to you!